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The Future of Psychobiotics
Evidence is mounting that microorganisms in the gut influence mental health—but designing a healthy microbiome won’t be easy

Mission to Mars
What psychosocial challenges would astronauts face on an epic journey to the red planet?

Good Timing
Psychologists’ research highlights how timing can affect memory, attention, mood and more.

Dismantling Hate
Psychologists are identifying factors that fan the flames of hostility, and those that might quench them

Policing in Black & White
Police departments are eager for ways to reduce racial disparities—and psychological research is beginning to find answers.

Inequality at School
What’s behind the racial disparity in our education system?


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Inflammatory Evidence 
Inflammation is an underlying cause of many cancers — and prostate cancer might turn out to be one of their number.

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The Girl Who Smelled Pink
A mother wonders if we are all born with synesthesia.

To be More Creative, Cheer Up
The way to tap your inner Hemingway is not how you think.

Can You Die From a Broken Heart?
What happens to our bodies when the bonds of love are breached.


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Animal Tracks
Scientists are turning to new technologies to better understand animal migrations and protect critical habitats.

Keeping Carbon
The Nature Conservancy invests in carbon-capture projects

Pushing Up Daisies
Green burials are a gift in conservation

Counting Red Knots
Keeping tabs on a threatened bird






Going Organic?
Even if non-organic produce isn’t doing you any harm, could organic be healthier?

Can “Clean Eating” Help Arthritis Symptoms?
Here are some clean-eating principles dietitians say you can get behind – or skip.


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Infant Recall
Babies absorb information like a sponge. So why do we struggle to recall our first few years?

Naked and Ugly
The naked mole rat lives for ages, shrugs off chemical stings and never gets cancer.

From God to Gobbler
Revered by Aztecs, devoured by millions: today’s titanic turkey is a very different bird to its flighty ancestors.


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Building a Better Cricket Farm
Tiny Farms CEO Andrew Brentano seeds a new environmentally friendly protein venture with high tech.

Pushing Flavors to New Frontiers
Flavor maven Marie Wright seeks a future where healthy foods taste even better, thanks to good chemistry.

Fighting Disease with Food
Functional foods may one day be an important weapon for helping to prevent illnesses.

Putting Food Allergens to the Test
Veteran food scientist Steve L. Taylor is leading cutting-edge research efforts that could dramatically reduce severe food allergy reactions.