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The pandemic has led to a series of losses, from financial security to the lives of loved ones. How can we heal?

New research suggests antidepressant withdrawal symptoms might be more common, more severe and longer lasting than previously realized.

Can a single dose of a hallucinogenic drug lead to lasting improvements in mental health? Researchers are studying the potential of these drugs to treat such diverse conditions as severe depression, opioid dependence, anorexia and more

Research by political psychologists helps to explain why we vote the way we do—and is informing ways to improve democratic elections

Evidence is mounting that microorganisms in the gut influence mental health—but designing a healthy microbiome won’t be easy

Psychologists are identifying factors that fan the flames of hostility, and those that might quench them

Police departments are eager for ways to reduce racial disparities—and psychological research is beginning to find answers.

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Inflammation is an underlying cause of many cancers — and prostate cancer might turn out to be one of their number.

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A mother wonders if we are all born with synesthesia.

The way to tap your inner Hemingway is not how you think.

What happens to our bodies when the bonds of love are breached.

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The Yunnan Golden Monkey Protection Network aims to protect the species across its entire craggy range.

Scientists are turning to new technologies to better understand animal migrations and protect critical habitats.

The Nature Conservancy invests in carbon-capture projects

Green burials are a gift in conservation

Keeping tabs on a threatened bird


Let’s clear up the confusion.

Even if non-organic produce isn’t doing you any harm, could organic be healthier?

Here are some clean-eating principles dietitians say you can get behind – or skip.

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Babies absorb information like a sponge. So why do we struggle to recall our first few years?

The naked mole rat lives for ages, shrugs off chemical stings and never gets cancer.

Revered by Aztecs, devoured by millions: today’s titanic turkey is a very different bird to its flighty ancestors.